Monday, June 16, 2014

June 2

Hey everybody! So yes, my new companion is a Davis Dart, and yes, we graduated together, and yes, we know all the same people. Basically I don't think i've talked so much my whole mission. We're having a lot of fun here in good old St. Nazaire. But Soeur Finneran has had a way different mission than me, a much harder one in some ways. She hasn't seen a lot of success as a missionary. She hasn't had a baptism yet, and she almost never gets let in porting. Its actually quite sad. So she came here and we have amis that are progressing, some going to get baptized and she was SO surprised. So this will hopefully be a good transfer for her. But she's a stronger missionary because of it.

Anywho, this was a good week. On Tuesday night, my last night with Soeur Sorenson, we went and had a lesson with the Swanepoels and brought up baptism again. And Soeur Sorenson invited them to be baptized and right away Bookie was like 'oh yeah, I would love to be!' It was awesome, without hesitation!! Georgette said she's already been baptized, so she needs to pray about it, but she's ready to pay tithing to our church so i'm not that worried. And Bokkie was all 'could it be in 3 weeks?' And I was like 'anything is possible with God'. So we are pretty happy about that, trying to get ready. They are moving in a few weeks so they actually might be getting baptized in another area in France, but I really don't care, i'm just so happy for them. Although I don't imagine that the church has a baptismal outfit in Bookies size.....

And we had a lesson with Marion, she's 24 and French, really cool. And she striaght up said she was atheist, and we were like 'why are we here then?' So we taught her a bit, and she is secretly believing (like all French people. And we brought out the Book of Mormon, and she was like 'yeah I cant really make a decision until I read the book!' So she's reading. It was really great.

On another side note, we had a member who lost her baby this last week, and she bore her testimony on Sunday, it was the most powerful thing i've ever heard. It was so sad, probably the most powerful testimony meeting i've been to. Members, they amaze me.

I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!

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